Solitaire Is Making a Comeback on Windows 10

Following user feedback, Microsoft decided to reinstate the Start Menu in Windows 10. Now, it seems Solitaire is being brought back to life, too.


As The Verge points out, while modern version of everyone’s favorite Windows games—Minesweeper! Hearts!—have been available on the Windows Store all the while, they’ve been conspicuously absent since Windows 8. Now, the latest release seems to have Solitaire baked in (albeit the modern version you could download for Windows 8, not the classic version pictured above). There’s time for that to change before the official release in the summer, of course—but for now, the old time waster’s back. [Steve T-S via The Verge]


Zeus, The Almighty.

This brought back memories of that windows pinball game from... XP maybe? That was the shit.