Some Apple TVs Are Losing the CBS All Access App Next Month

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Photo: Gizmodo

Another app bites the dust on older Apple TVs.

Just last week, Google confirmed that the YouTube app will no longer be supported on third-generation Apple TVs beginning in early March. Now, it looks like CBS All Access will also lose support on Apple’s older set-top box, per a message being displayed to third-generation Apple TV users and reported by MacRumors. The change will take place at the same time that CBS All Access relaunches as Paramount+.


Paramount+ will be available on iPhone, iPad, and newer Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD boxes on March 4. The message obtained by MacRumors states that at that time, users will be able to cast Paramount+ content from an iOS device to their third-generation Apple TV or connected AirPlay 2 screen—as will be the case with YouTube when the service disappears from the device next month. But it doesn’t sound like the new service is going to be natively supported on the older Apple TV.

We’ve reached out to representatives for ViacomCBS for more information about the support loss and will update this post if we hear back.

When reached for comment about the change last week, a Google spokesperson told Gizmodo in a statement that the company is “always working to ensure our users have the best experience on YouTube, and from time to time we need to make changes to our supported devices list.”

Losing support for a small number of apps isn’t that big of a reason to race out to buy a new device—unless you really, really can’t stand the process of casting from your mobile device. If that’s the case, may I respectfully suggest replacing your Apple TV with Chromecast with Google TV? I recently made the switch, and I highly recommend it.



I want to say this is because the 3rd gen Apple TV is an A5 (that is, a 32-bit only processor) whilst the future generations (A8+) are all 64-bit.