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Hot tipster Elizabeth just got back from a failed attempt to score her lazy blogger husband a Wii at Best Buy this morning. After getting in line around 9:45, she realized there was little chance to get a console due to a line wrapping around the building.


So instead she stuck around to watch the fireworks ensue - namely some lame-ass employees on an ego trip.

"They were handing out tickets along the front half of the store. They had 62. People with the tickets started going in, but the Best Buy guy was still hading out papers.

He's talking to a customer who just got a ticket, when a confused person from the back of the line politely asks, 'Excuse me, what is this line for?'

The employee turns around, 'I AM TALKING TO ONE PERSON!' Then he turns his back on the guy and continues his conversation.

You could tell the Best Buy guy was totally getting off on it...they made us feel like we were the bad kids."

And then if you didn't have a ticket, you couldn't access any Wii accessories at all. Classy as usual, Best Buy.