Some Guy Pranked YouTube Into Taking Down Justin Bieber's Official Videos Because of a Fake Copyright Claim

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YouTube is big fat no fun having missy when it comes to copyright rules. They're so afraid of pissing somebody off (and getting a lawsuit) that they'll even pull official videos now. Like today, when a prankster submitted a copyright claim against Justin Bieber's Vevo and YouTube took down his page.

It effected more than little Biebs too, iLCreation filed copyright claims against Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and other artists and some of their videos were pulled immediately too. How does this happen? Well, YouTube didn't even need to see any form of verification that iLCreation had the right to request the take downs.

Vevo's statement:

"Someone is making false copyright claims against the Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga channels and YouTube has blocked access to the videos as a result. We are working with YouTube to resolve ASAP."


It took a few hours for the videos to be restored but it's amazing YouTube's system allowed the videos to be taken down in the first place. It's VEVO! It's Justin Bieber! What will all the tweenies do without their boytoy's videos? [DMW Media via Geekosystem, Image Credit: Popblerd]

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