Somehow This Figure Looks More Like Mr. Bean Than Rowan Atkinson Does

It's hard not to like a character who can express vast amounts of emotion and feeling without ever muttering a single word. But for those who are truly obsessed with Mr. Bean, Enterbay has created a fully posable miniature version of the character complete with a flawless head sculpt that's a dead ringer for Rowan Atkinson—it's actually a little unnerving.


For $422 you get a figure with over 30 points of articulation, a full suit including socks and leather shoes, swappable hands, Bean's teddy bear, a tiny suitcase, and three alternate heads including one that's just a turkey ready for the oven. It might not be covered in armor like the myriad of Iron Man figures out there, but don't they always say that laughter is actually the best weapon? Or is that medicine? [Enterbay]

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