Somehow This Tiny RC Tractor Looks Incredibly Fun To Play With

When you're an adult who drives on a regular basis, you fantasize about fast cars and other high-performance vehicles. But when you're a kid, who doesn't get to drive at all, even mundane vehicles like garbage trucks and buses are exciting. So while the thought of a tiny RC tractor might be hard for you to get excited over, you can bet your kid would love one.

Thankfully, Tamiya hasn't limited the performance of this Kumamon-themed (a cartoon mascot for Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture district) tractor. Kids can still use it for miniature hayrides or plowing a tiny plot of land in the backyard, but it can also easily keep up with the fastest RC toys in a race. And for $250 it might just teach your kids some useful farming skills, as long as they understand that harvesting crops at 80mph just isn't a good idea. [Tamiya via Akihabara News]


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