Given how much money the average American spends on coffee, why wouldn't you want the best drinking experience possible? Even if it's from a disposable cup? That's what inspired a Seattle-based company called Vaporpath to finally redesign the disposable plastic lid and address many of the shortcomings of what we're forced to use now.

The replacement, called the Viora, replaces the traditional lid's bowl-like top with an angular, almost stealth-like, indentation that's better equipped to catch coffee that might be spilled. And it works in tandem with a much wider, vertically oriented opening to help catch and contain splashes before they end up on your clothes. For reference, the Viora lid is the one on the left below.

With the opening not located directly on the rim, the lip of the Viora lid also provides a drinking experience that's more like sipping from a ceramic mug, allowing the coffee to pool and more of the aromas to hit your nostrils. And finally, a larger ventilation hole on top lets you experience the wonderful smells of your brew, even when the cup isn't held close to your face.


The Viora lid is even completely recyclable and odorless, and since it was developed by people whose first priority is their coffee, there doesn't really seem to be a downside to this innovation—assuming they're not terribly expensive to mass produce. [Viora via Cool Hunting]