Something Tells Me This Paintball Gun Is Cheating

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That could be a real gun mounted on those wheels, but 20 non-lethal paintballs a second honestly sound a whole lot more cruel than regulation bullets.


This understated "Robotic Weapon" is a paintball gun mounted on a 4-wheel-drive E-Maxx truck. It streams POV video with night vision (through Wi-Fi, we believe) while the operator can aim and fire paintballs, pepper balls or rubber bullets with accuracy from 150 feet.

And fuuuuuuuuuuck it looks like it would hurt. Pricing available upon request. [Rogers Design Group via Yanko Design]


By "Optional Long Range Barrel" I assume they mean the Flatline barrel from Tippmann. For those who don't know, the Flatline barrel puts backspin on the paintballs as they go through the barrel. It does this by having the actual barrel curved upwards.

Problem is, unless your hitting a hard surface (IE. Not a person) from these longer distances, the paintballs just bounce off and barely sting. Feels like someone just flicked you with their finger in a loving gesture.