Sometimes, I Wish I Was This Tiny and Food Was This Big

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Can you imagine if hot dogs were as long as bridges, french fries as tall as apartment buildings, and oreos as big as your living room? That's the world photographer Christopher Boffoli created. That's the world I want to live in.

Boffoli used miniature figures and took pictures of them doing menial tasks on top of food. It's clever! Look at those two dudes taking a dip in tea or that guy mowing the broccoli lawn or that couple canoeing out of spilled milk. The work is similar to Slinkachu's Little People series but Boffoli's project was actually inspired by Martin & Munoz's Travelers series. Either way, I'm just imagining what a happy world this would be. Gigantic, humungous food. Mmm. [Looks Like Good Design, Image Credit: Christoper Boffoli]