There's usually no escaping a difficult conversation. But at least nowadays we can choose in which medium to have the chat. There's certainly a premium placed on in-person conversations—really, you just want to be there with the person, see his (or her) facial expressions, reactions, etc. It's also nice to have the guarantee of an instant reply.

But getting it all out in real-time can be difficult and uncomfortable, and for a certain type of person (myself included, usually) having the time and emotional space to arrange all of one's thoughts out in an email is a great, great luxury.


Then there's always text messages, which can carry a conversation everywhere, all across the city, all day long—perfect for those of us with a compulsive need to keep the discussion going... and little impulse control not to.

Ugh. Can you tell this post was inspired by life? And, more importantly, what would you do?


Image via Conrado/Shutterstock