Sony Announces a Reimagined Boondocks With Original Creator Aaron McGruder

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A scene from the original The Boondocks series, which ended after four seasons.
A scene from the original The Boondocks series, which ended after four seasons.
Image: Adult Swim

The Freemans are coming back. Sony has confirmed that The Boondocks is returning with a new television show, and original creator Aaron McGruder is on board. They also revealed a show based on the late Anthony Bourdain’s graphic novel series, and revealed more on Phill Lord and Chris Miller’s much-anticipated animated follow-up to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 

As reported by Variety, Sony Pictures Animation unveiled a slew of new shows and films coming in 2020 and beyond. During a presentation it was revealed that McGruder was collaborating with Sony Pictures Television on a reimagined version of The Boondocks. It will dive into the Freemans battle against Uncle Ruckus, who’s now an “evil local government tyrant who rules fictional Woodcrest County, Maryland with an iron fist.” Comedian John Witherspoon, who played Granddad, hinted in a previous interview that he was working on a new The Boondocks show. No word yet about Regina King, though.

Sony executives revealed that Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose’s horror graphic novel, Hungry Ghosts, was being turned into an anthology series about chefs telling each other scary ghost stories. Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) also shared more on the latest series he’s directing, Black Night, about a loyal knight who turns himself into a vigilante after failing to protect his king.


There was much hub-bub about Lord and Miller’s new project, The Mitchells vs. The Machines. The movie is about a vacationing family who get caught up in a tech uprising, as all the robots and tech devices simultaneously turn against humanity and stage a revolt. According to Variety, the clips viewed at the presentation show how the movie will use animation techniques from Spider-Verse in a new and different way. The article described the human portions are chaotic and done “in a painterly handmade way, not so far from French 2D animated movies.” On the other hand, the high-tech stuff will be big and highly stylized. Meaning that not only will these worlds collide thematically, but also visually. The Mitchells vs. The Machines comes out September 2020.

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