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At the same time Sony offered its Blu-ray player for pre-order, the company also announced its first desktop and notebook PCs shipping with Blu-ray burners. The handsomely-designed VAIO RC Series is aimed at aspiring moviemakers and videographers, where Sony envisions them archiving their high-definition footage on BD-R (write once) or BD-RE (rewritable) discs. The company also mentioned that it would be including a blank Blu-ray disc with the PCs, something that would normally go unmentioned except for the fact that those discs will cost $25 apiece.


Sony also announced it would someday offer the BWU-100A, an aftermarket internal Blu-ray disk drive capable of burning a 25GB disk in 30 minutes and supporting all the flavors of DVD and CDs. Sony says that burner will be available this year. Don't hold your breath. While Sony now offers that Blu-ray player for pre-order, it's not doing so with these VAIO RC Series notebooks, desktop units or the aftermarket DVD burner, which it called a prototype.

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