Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray Player Gets Delayed. Again.

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With the LocationFree getting delayed, the possible PS3 ship date miss, the PS3 controller complaints, the laptop battery troubles, and now the Blu-ray BDP-S1 player being delayed, could this be the worst quarter Sony's ever had? Well there was that quarter where they sold poison-coated pacifiers back in the '80s, but this is probably a close second.


The December 4 release date push may be bad news bears for Blu-ray lovers, but it also could mean Sony wants every available Blu-ray diode in its PlayStation 3 consoles, making a PS3 release slip less likely. Also, if the BDP-S1 doesn't actually make it out for Xmas, the Samsung BD-P1000 and Panasonics' DMP-BD10 may be the only Blu-ray players available this holiday season. Other than the PlayStation 3, of course.

Sony's Blu-ray Player Delayed Yet Again [Home Theater Blog - Thanks Kevin!]

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