The Sony Bravia DAV-X10 Home Theater marks a new direction for Sony's audio. In clear competition with the single and dual surround sound speaker setups we've been seeing more and more of, the X10 system features just two speakers and a compact subwoofer, for 480W of total power. Topped with glass and featuring touch-sensitive buttons that disappear when not in use, the entire system has a focus on sleek simplicity. While its looks will turn some heads when the X10 launches in Europe this September, expect plenty of bonus features, too.

The X10 supports Bluetooth steaming audio from a phone or laptop through its DMPORT (Digital Media Port) if you fork over some extra cash for Sony's adapter. Audio is auto calibrated to your room, as with most compact surround sound systems, and Bravia televisions will sync for super easy input calibration. HDMI carries a signal from the integrated upconverting DVD player, which handles DivX, SACD, and MP3s.


As for now, the X10 lacks any info on price or HDMI inputs. [sony]

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