Sony Considering 3DS-Like 3D Slider for PS3

Illustration for article titled Sony Considering 3DS-Like 3D Slider for PS3

The neatest idea inside the Nintendo 3DS isn't just its 3D screen. Rather, the neatest idea is that you can tweak the 3D depth of this screen with a realtime slider. Now, Sony might borrow the idea for PS3 games.


A Sony games producer behind an upcoming Sly Cooper collection suggested that a slider could make an appearance, the function mapped to an analog stick.

It's an interesting idea. I wonder, beyond the ohh-ahh nature of shifting depth in realtime, if less 3D depth will really lead to less eyestrain and/or enhance the experience of a game from an off angle. My guess is that anything that requires your eyes to use shutter glasses will tire your eyes out equally, though maybe if you're forced to refocus on various planes within the image these depths could make some sort of a difference.

I guess we'll have to see for ourselves! (Sorry, that may have been a highly intentional pun.) [Kotaku]



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