Sony Considering Official, Non-Playstation Emulators for PSP

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While everyone's getting all worked up about the possible death of UMD, Sony is going around telling people they want to bring classic, non-Sony games to the PSP, just like the homebrewers. Oh?


Here's what Sony's head of US marketing told MTV Multiplayer:

In general there's a lot of discussion about [publishers'] back catalogs that will finally find its way to PlayStation Network in the back half of this year.

PSOne is included, but everything is on the table…We look for some of those big hits from all of the past games in their history and look for ways we can bring them over. It's not always easy. There's obviously technical areas that need to be bridged. But when those are solved, consumers will see a wide variety of retro games and brand new games coming to PSN.

These claims are probably intentionally vague, but send promising signals: Sony was never going to leave the homebrewers be, but opening a legit door to emulated, Non PSOne games would do just fine. Shame that they're still locked in competition with the provider of a lot of the most coveted vintage games, but maybe the Playstation Store can become the yin to the Virtual Console's yang, assuming that handheld vintage gaming exists as some kind of giant, twee Chinese symbol (NOTE: it does not). [MTV Multiplayer]



First off i would like to say this is a great idea, second, how can they legally pull this off?