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Sony Not Denying Plans for a PSP 2 Without UMD

Illustration for article titled Sony Not Denying Plans for a PSP 2 Without UMD

In an MTV interview with John Koller, head of PSP marketing in the US, Sony should have set the record straight on those nasty PSP 2 rumors. But they didn't.


MTV Multiplayer: Ok. Just so we can have this as clear as we can get it: the rumor out there is that there's going to be a new PSP that doesn't use the UMD coming out by the end of the year. True or false?

Koller: Can't comment either way, but I will reiterate that the digital component is very important to us. That's all we can say at this point.


That's pretty soft talk for rumor smashing. It might be good to wait on that new PSP. [MTV]

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Wonder what the format for game purchases will be? Large format Sony Memory Stick / Duo? Or more mainstream CF?