Someday the PlayStation 3 will be able to upscale native 720p games to 1080i for those whose sets don't support 720p, and it looks like the latest SDK almost solves the problem. Game developers for the PS3 will now be able to access a hardware scaler to allow 720p games to automatically scale to 1080i, but the frustrating part is that it's only limited to horizontal scaling.

Well, at least it's halfway there. So the early adopters who bought HDTV sets that can only crank out 1080i are still out of luck. Sigh. You can always tell the pioneers: they're the ones with the arrows in their backs. But this is lame. Why couldn't Sony have solved this scaling problem before launch?


Ripping off the veil: The mysterious PS3 hardware scaler exposed [Beyond 3D, via Daily Tech]

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