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The DRC-BT815 (love them truly unique product names) is a little $130 stereo Bluetooth receiver that you plug your headphones into—bam, instant Bluetooth headset. The mic's onboard the dongle, which has a clippy to attach it to your shirt (or earlobe). The sucky part is that battery life is only six hours, and it's, you know, 130 bucks.

Transform Your Headphones

Sony's first portable Bluetooth receiver converts virtually any pair of headphones into a stereo headset and extends this wireless streaming technology to headphone styles that may not yet be available with embedded stereo Bluetooth capabilities.

Weighing just over half an ounce and measuring less than three inches long, the black and silver DRC-BT15 Bluetooth receiver clips to your clothing or can attach to an arm band. Simply plug your preferred headphones into the stereo mini-jack on the ultra-portable receiver, pair the receiver with a compatible Bluetooth device like the new NWZ-A820 Walkman® video MP3 player, and start streaming music in stereo.

A simple toggle control allows you to adjust the volume, play, stop, pause, fast-forward or rewind the music streaming from your Bluetooth-enabled music source (using Bluetooth AVRCP or Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).
The receiver also has a discrete, embedded microphone that can be used for hands-free calls when you pair the receiver to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to six hours of talk time or music playback. The receiver will be available in March for about $130.

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