Sony Ericsson Ditches Memory Stick Micro in Cellphones, Goes with MicroSD

Illustration for article titled Sony Ericsson Ditches Memory Stick Micro in Cellphones, Goes with MicroSD

Looks like Sony Ericsson is admitting defeat in the flash storage war, as TrustedReviews reports SE is going with MicroSD in future phones instead of the parent company's Memory Stick Micro format.

The announcement came straight from the mouth of Sony Ericsson Global Marketing Director Fortuné Alexander, who conceded that they're "moving in another direction" (like the X1 pictured above). It's also a better direction, considering Sony Ericsson phones has relied too much on proprietary technologies for their products (charging, headphones, storage, etc...). [TrustedReviews via CrunchGear]

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Come on, guys - show a little sympathy for the poor company. Their proprietary formats were nothing more than a sign of their market dominance and ability to shove things down our throat, regardless of how much we might scream. Mini discs, Betamax, UMD, memory sticks, Blu-ray - every Sony turn involved formats that no one wanted, and most survived purely on Sony's gumption. Now they are dropping formats faster than I dropped my drawers on prom night (unfortunately, I should have waited until after the dancing portion of the evening).

Seriously, not all of Sony's formats are "bad", it just happens that seemingly none of them are very successful. All that will be left of Sony now is products that look like everyone else's, and is that really what we want? Maybe (or perhaps we just want them to disappear) - but, I would not mind Sony dabbling in some more unwanted formats in the future, if for no other reason than to let us know they are still Sony.