Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia: Cellphone with TV in Mind

Sony's pumping up its Bravia line with some fine-looking HDTVs we saw at CES, and now the Sony Ericsson SO903iTV Bravia phone takes that name to the streets, rocking a 3-inch 16:9 display at 240x432 pixels. Also keeping up the Bravia mystique is its ability to record video on its microSD card and then view it on that black acrylic-bordered screen that makes it look a bit like one of Sony's LCD displays.


Alas, this hipster cellphone will be available only in Japan, but some of these types of handsets have been known to find their way to these shores. Be optimistic. This is sure one attractive phone, and it's a bit different from the Bravia phone we showed you a couple of months ago. Take a look at it in another color, plus some color commentary:

Besides this black color and the red finish shown at the top of this post, the phone is also available in white. It's relatively svelte for a clamshell, too, at 111×50×19.5mm and weighing 130 grams.


Has anyone noticed how cellphonage being rolled out post-iPhone seems to be more carefully designed, chic, and downright futuristic? We're feeling the ripple effect all the way over here.

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