Sony Ericsson W810i - Walkman Deux

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See, now I'm digging this incarnation of the Walkman phone. It's not my dream phone, by any stretch, but this one seems to have a bit more panache than the abortion that hit the streets last year—can you believe we have to say "last year" now? Ultimately, I think this is way we're headed in terms of convergence devices and SE seems to be on the ball.

This versions suppoers Quadband and EDGE and has 20MB of storage, a considerable drop from the original version. No FM tuner, apparently, and it comes with a 512MB MemoryStick. It's available this quarter. Maybe they're trying to streamline it or maybe all the EDGE support took up precious cubic centimeters.


Sony Ericsson unveils the W810i [ClubSonyEricsson]

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