Sony Ericsson W970 Leaked Shots

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There aren't many details about this Sony Ericsson W970 yet, but we do know that it's going to be in a swivel form factor, have 512MB of internal memory, video recording and landscape-view video playback.

If this really is the W970, then this, along with the W999, looks like it's going to make up the bulk of SE's Walkman phone releases for the rest of '07.


Leaked pictures of Sony Ericsson W970 [Mobile Mentalism]

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I love SEs, but the swivels are just stupid. If you were to, hypothetically, put it in a bag and get run over [by a parcelforce guy who was a bit drunk and totally not looking], they like to open a bit and bend over themselves just enough to snap the screen, but not enough that your network or insurance company will give you anything to ease the pain.

Stick to sliders, flips or candy-bars.