Sony Ericsson has just held a press event detailing the majority of their new lineup, and boy, do they have some show stoppers for us. Here is the entire roundup of all the new handsets that are soon to be gracing pockets the world over:

• Xperia X1 (above). HSDPA, 3-inch touchscreen (800 x480) with 65K colors, 3.2MP camera with AF, A2DP supported Bluetooth, assisted GPS, internal 400MB memory, microSD support, FM radio, WMP, IE Mobile, WiFi connectivity, Windows Mobile OS and available in either black or silver. [More on Giz]


•Cybershot Series:



HSDPA, 2.2-inch TFT (240 x 320) with 260K colors, internal 160MB memory, M2 card slot, 3.2MP camera with AF, Face detection and various photo editing software, A2DP supported Bluetooth, assisted GPS, Google Maps, and available in speed black or cyan blue colors. [More on Giz]



As above, but with a 2-inch TFT (240 x 320) with 260K colors, 5MP camera and available in luscious red or swift black colors. [More on Giz]

All New G-Series:


Large 2.4-inch touchscreen display, 3.2MP camera and a single touch navigation control system. [More on Giz]




Large 2.4-inch touchscreen display, 5MP camera with AF and Multi-shot, single touch navigation control system and WiFi connectivity. [More on Giz]

Walkman Series:


HSDPA, 2.2-inch TFT (240 x 320), internal 8GB memory, 3.2MP camera, A2DP supported Bluetooth, FM radio, shake sensitive controls, MP3/AAC playback, black color and a clamshell design. [More on Giz]




HSDPA, 2.2-inch TFT (240 x 320) with 260K colors, 32MB internal memory, M2 card slot, A2DP supported Bluetooth, 2MP camera, MP3/AAC playback, red, black or gold colors and a candybar design.

That's it for now. The new additions to each range, as well as the all new G-Series product line look extremely promising. We'll have our grubby hands all over these handsets tomorrow, so stay tuned for some video review goodness.