Sony Is Clearly Considering Digital PSP Game Rentals

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In a move that could completely reshape the gaming industry, Sony is said to have approached developers about a digital rental plan for the PSP.


The story broke when one of Sony's infamous questionnaires breached the topic of a subscription download service, and now another report from develop supports that "Sony was informing various studios of the new rental service at GDC [Game Developers Conference]...providing info and documents in closed-door meetings."

A subscription plan on the PSP just sounds doomed for failure (though the $50 yearly price is about the same as Xbox Live), as no one wants to be locked in to monthly contracts for a single (portable even!) system that has a mediocre selection of games to begin with. Then again, if the price is right and the selection is expansive...well, we'll be interested to hear what Sony eventually rolls out. [Kotaku and develop via Electronista]



Sounds like Sony is trying to make a pricing scheme even more complicated than the Vista / Win 7 one. Jesus .. wtf happened with simple pricing plans.

Make it $4 per game for one week period (which is more than enough for most psp games) and that's that, maybe add a second option of having $20/month unlimited rental but only 5 games at a time at most and call it a day.