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Sony Only Just Got Round to Killing Betamax

Illustration for article titled Sony Only Just Got Round to Killing Betamax

You’ve got to give Sony full marks for effort: despite the fact that Betamax has been a running joke for about two decades, the company is only officially killing the dead format just now.


The last Betamax products you can buy are a couple of tapes, since the last recorders were discontinued in 2002. It’s not so much that Sony has been pushing Betamax as a valid thing you should use, more that the company has a long history of supporting customers way past when it makes financial sense to do so.

[Sony Japan via The Verge]

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A running joke for the last two decades? Don’t tell that to anyone in the broadcast industry - until now it had been a standard.

The running joke seems to be Gizmodo’s inability to properly research a article as of late.