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Well, look what we have here.'s already taking pre-orders for the PS3, and apparently they're selling it for $299.99, which puts it at equal pricing with the low-end of the XBox 360. No idea if this is the final price, but it sure looks pretty convincing. Pretty interesting how Sony was going crazy warning people it'll be expensive, then XBox pulls out an equal or more pricing, which now kinda makes the PS3 look affordable in comparison. Oh Sony, you're so sneaky.

PS. I love that there are already 10 customer reviews on that PS3 page when the product isn't even out yet. Ah, crazy fanboy predictions. Ya gotta love 'em.


UPDATE: Okay, apparently you can't pre-order them just yet. But you can enter in your email address so that will email you once it's available for pre-order.

Sony Playstation 3

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