Sony Reader Daily Edition Kindle Fighter Coming Like, Now

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We're at a press event for a new Sony Reader something. Sony just announced impressive pocket readers (and a new format) a few weeks ago, so we're guessing they're gonna make good on finally going wireless. Update: Oh look.

Update 5: It's about "multiple devices, multiple stores." This is cool: The eBook store will now have a Library Finder page, where you type in your zip and it'll take you to local library, where you can check out books from your library electronically. Books will expire in 21 days. That's pretty great, I have to say.


Also, more book stores: Net Gallery, BooksOnBoard, Powell's Books, American Booksellers. Where's B&N?

Update 4: New Sony eBook Library software (3.0) for Mac and PC. Okay guys, stop teasing.

Update 3: We're starting, obviously—they're talking about access and content (drag and drop). Access, so far, means Sony Readers in 8,000 locations, not 3G.

Update 2: First part of the announcement is kind of a dud—the free content from the New York Public Library will be available to the public on Sony Readers. Wooooo.


Update: Sony's not holding back too much pre-conference—we can see a picture of the device—so we can make a few solid guesses. First, it's called the "Daily Edition" so some kind of newsreading abilities seem like a given. And Sony's strategically showing just the back of the device, which just happens to have a fair few markings, including a telltale FCC certification, that implies some kind of wireless connectivity. Just like we thought.


Since it's called "Daily Edition," we're guessing there's some newspaper action going on as well, and a bigger size than "pocket" to make it more "newspaper-y." (Which you can kinda tell by the photo—since the pocket readers are 5 and 6 inches, we're guessing Daily is 7-9 inches.) RSS maybe too? Either way, it looks like it could be the first Sony Reader to take on Kindle where it's strongest, wireless content delivery.


Earlier: Aaaaaand, since Barnes and Noble's inking ebook store deals left and right, we wouldn't be real shocked if some Barnes & Noble was in the cards to go with that Kindle-like wireless promise from a weeks ago:

"As announced earlier, we will be bringing a wireless product to market. The particulars of 'when' and 'how much' will come later. Wireless is important and wireless is coming from Sony."


I mean, Sony has its own store with oh-so-many Google books, but if Sony and Barnes & Noble are serious about taking on Amazon—and oh, presumably they both are—a team-up makes the most sense to us. Some sexy new hardware wouldn't hurt, either.


The event kicks off at 10:30, so stay tuned.