Illustration for article titled Sony Releasing Bigger eReader This Year? No Color Until 2010?

PVI, the company thought to make the big sheet of e-paper found in the Kindle DX, has revealed two interesting pieces of intel to DigiTimes.


First, they believe Sony will release a larger format eReader to compete with the Kindle DX by the end of the year. Second, and what's honestly the bigger piece of news, is that PVI's color e-paper will not be ready until 2010 (previously, 2009 was the target).


Clearly, making color e-paper is a tough proposition. But I'm with Rothman on this one—I really expected the electrophoretic display industry to advance faster than it has. Of course, that's easy to say from the cheap seats. [DigiTimes via mobileread via SlashGear]

* The photo is not of a display but of far more awesome rainbow jello.

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