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In the frenzied marketing run-up to the release of its PlayStation 3, Sony cranked up the heat by offering a survey to its Playstation Underground members about HDTV use and importance. In the middle of that survey Sony let slip a little tantalizing tidbit of info about the PS3 and 1080p, that progressive-scanning holy grail of HDTVocity which amounts to the highest resolution the standard can achieve. Our friends and brethren at Kotaku got their hands on that Sony survey, and direct our attention to question number three:

3. The PlayStation 3 will include BluRay , the high definition DVD technology, and support games in resolutions of up to 1080p, (the highest supported standard on the market.) Given that information, please choose the statement below that best describes you.


Not so fast—it might not be that easy to just send 1080p to a monitor and have it received, no questions asked. That 1080p capability is all well and good, but will it support the still-being-determined copy protection scheme known as HDCP? Will the monitors be able to receive it? The way 1080p monitors and 1080p sources talk to each other these days is still in its infancy, so good luck if you want to actually use this 1080p capability.

Of course, just because the PS3 will "support" 1080p games, that doesn't mean that it has the graphical horsepower to render games at that resolution. Initial reports suggest most games will render natively at 720p, then be upscaled to 1080p as necessary—just like the Xbox 360 upscales to 1080i.

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