Sony, Rube Goldberg Machine Videos Aren't Supposed to Be This Dull

Sony, Rube Goldberg-style videos are meant to be fast, exciting! And fast. Unless...unless you're trying to manage expectations about the S1 and S2 tablets' processor speed? Oh, you teases. I may as well go watch that OkGo video again, for kicks. [AndroidCommunity]


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Evning Kirk

I dun think thats really a rube golberg..

It seems alot of the activities were not triggered by the mechanisms of the machine..

there was only a few parts that was in the chain reaction, and the biggest part of the chain reaction was a train moving along.....

For example

the yellow switch one the bridge triggered smthing in the tablet? how?

was it timed? was it thru a wireless switch?

anyhow it didn't look mechanically triggered.

which breaks the idea of a rube golberg machine =[