OK Go's (Embeddable!) Music Video For 'This Too Shall Pass' Features Insane Rube Goldberg Machine Sequence

Those crazy cats at OK Go are tugging at our heartstrings yet again, with the release of a brand new video for the song This Too Shall Pass. It takes the Rube Goldberg machine concept to another level completely.


Not familiar with the Rube Goldberg machine? Oh, but you are—it's that Mousetrap-like series of chain reactions that come from just one small action. In this case, driving a toy truck into a line of dominos. But, but! Did I mention the video is embeddable? Looks like lead singer Damian Kulash's open letter to their fans (reprinted on Gizmodo here with permission) worked a charm on their record label EMI. [LA Times]


Greg Lloyd

By the look of the lead singer's red splattered body at the beginning of the video, this clearly wasn't done in one attempt.