Sony S2 Sports Walkman Player: Changes Songs to Match Your Running Tempo

Recall that Sony S2 Sports Walkman we wrote about 3 weeks ago, you know, the shiny one that's good for running? Well it turns out the S2 will use an internal "G-Sensor" to automatically switch to songs that match your running tempo and acceleration. They call it, "Music Pace." And, the player can be shaken, like a polaroid picture, to go into shuffle-mode. Like we said before, it'll have an FM radio, and will be sold in two versions, the silver-colored 1GB NW-S203F ($120) and the black-colored 2GB NW-S205F ($150). I personally miss the day-glow yellow finish on the old Sony Sport Walkman.


NW-S203F (1GB)

NW-S205F (2GB)

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