Sony T100 and T20: for Staying In and Going Out

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The two newest recruits to the Cybershot family, the T100 and T20, are aiming to bring out your inner fashionista, apparently. That is, if your inner fashionista is moved by half-an-inch of pink or red metal this week. And have you crowded round the HDTV at a party to check out how great Araminta's shoes look close-up. The less shallow among you will be more interested in what the 8 megapixel cameras can actually do, rather than what they wear, a couple of pics of the T100 and specs for both after the jump.

The $400 T100, available from March, is the beefier of the two, with the a 3-inch LCD screen and your usual Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens. The T20 won't be available until April and will set you back half a PlayStation 3 or about $330. They both use the Bionz image processor previously found in Sony's DSLR cameras and come with the optical image stabilization system Super Steady Shot. On top of that, the T20 and T100 have a sensibility up to ISO 3200, so «you can also shoot at higher shutter speeds without using the cameras' flash and spoiling the mood of the pictures» and probably end up with noise the size of people heads, even while Sony says their Clear RAW noise reduction technology will get rid of that.


The cameras are compatible with the Sony VMC-MHC1 HD component cable for simple connection to an HDTV set. They can also be connected to the new Sony CSS-HD1 high-definition Cyber-shot Station™ which comes with a component cable and a remote. You can even go complement-crazy and grab a DPP-FPHD1 which not only includes the high-definition component cable, the cradle and the remote, but a high-definition printer that will print out paper copies in 45 seconds.


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