Sony Talks More About Playstation Motion Control

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PC World 's Game On got an exclusive interview with Richard Marks, one of the key players on Sony's Playstation Motion Control team, and got him to talk a bit about what the future holds for their motion gaming control scheme.


Aside from plenty of marketing/corporate speak, Game On did manage to get a few interest points out of marks. For starters, Playstation Motion Control is not the final name for the control scheme. Marks himself referred to it as a "temporary mouthful" and we can expect a name announcement to come closer to launch.


Secondly, Marks pointed out that they opted to go with a wand peripheral over pure camera-based control because they found in testing that some games just felt more natural when a prop was in the hand of the gamer. They also wanted the option of action buttons to be available for games.

And one other part of the interview that was intriguing was when Marks was asked about backwards compatibility with regard to Playstation Motion Control and Existing PS3 titles. While he sidestepped the question entirely, he also didn't dismiss the idea entirely. Maybe new control schemes would be available via patch updates?

Anyways, check out the interview for yourself (complete with passive-agressive Nintendo and Microsoft comments) over at [Game On]

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