Even though it was introduced at CES, we're still fascinated by Sony's unusually-designed PC in the round, the TP1. Sony designers say they created this media center PC to fit in with the decor of a living room rather than an office, although we're not sure whose living room they had in mind. We got our hands on this baby at the Sony line show, and liked what we saw, but found it to pale by comparison with its more-capable XA-3 big brother. What is it lacking ?


For one, it doesn't have CableCard support like the more than twice-as-expensive XA-3. The Core 2 Duo-packing PC does, however, have an HDMI port that we noticed around the back, making it easier to hook up to your TV and use it with its included Windows Vista Home Premium. But then, it doesn't have a Blu-ray burner.

We'll be seeing it shipping next month for $1600. Experiencing this unusually-shaped PC up close and personal made us like its looks, but wish it had more up-to-date features. We'll pass. But still, take a look at this baby. Does it look like Rumba? If you stacked up a few, they'd look like the Guggenheim Museum in New York. It was certainly eye-catching, but alas, not for us.


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