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Sony Vaio E-Series Adds 14 and 17-Inch Blu-ray Sporting Models

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A couple of extra sizes of the E-series Vaio range first announced in February have been shown off today: a more portable 14-incher and desktop-hog 17-incher. Both have Blu-ray drives and the 17-inch model has a Core i5 chip.


Full specs are listed below, so you can see the 14-inch VPC-EA1Z1E model has a Core i3 processor running at 2.13GHz, and the 17-inch VPC-EC1S1E has the mightier Core i5 running at 2.26GHz just like the 15-inch model which first debuted.

The 14-incher is the brightly-hued one that'd be better suited to extroverts, but at least the spec isn't bad, particularly with that Blu-ray drive. The screen itself is a 16:9 LED-backlit with 1600 x 900, which as you know isn't full-HD so you may be better off using that HDMI output and connect it to a TV instead.


The 17-incher has a full-HD screen with 1920 x 1080 res, and is the same 16:9 LED-backlit as the smaller model.

Both are available in the UK in May, with worldwide availability expected at some point.