Sony VAIO RT All-In-One PC Is A 25.5" Widescreen, HDMI-Filled, Video Editing Monster

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The VAIO RT is Sony's beast of an all-in-one PC, an "extra-widescreen" (read: 16:9) 25.5" display, created with designers and video editors in mind. It's big feature is that it not only has an HDMI-in port in order to work with HD content, but it also has an HDMI-out, for connecting a second monitor. Other features include a Blu-ray recordable drive and up to 1TB of hard drive space. It also comes loaded with 8GB RAM, a multi-card reader and a built-in digital TV tuner. Of course, you're still stuck with Vista, but with all that power underneath you should do just fine. Unfortunately, the RT has a beastly price tag to match—it starts at $3300—when it arrives this fall. Press release down below. [Sony]

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Video-Editing Powerhouse
The VAIO RT High Definition Studio is a one-stop-shop handling all your high-definition video-editing needs on a single machine.
Its 25.5-inch (diagonal) LCD display, featuring XBRITE-FullHD LCD technology, and Blu-ray optical drive enables you to play, record and edit HD video in 1080p resolution.
In addition to the built-in digital TV tuners, an HDMI In port lets you connect compatible HD cable and satellite boxes to enrich your HDTV viewing experience. An HDMI output has also been included, letting you connect to an external LCD display or HDTV to expand your workspace (HDMI cable, LCD, and HDTV sold separately).
The RT series incorporates Intel® Core™2 Quad processors, up to 8GB of RAM and a terabyte hard drive. It is equipped with a high-speed eSATA port, for extra storage, and a CompactFlash® slot.
The unit comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Ultimate operating system. A wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad and mouse are included. It is also equipped with a built-in power supply enabling you to cleanly mount it to the wall.
The VAIO LV High-Definition PC/TV will start at around $1,600 while the VAIO RT High-Definition Studio PC will go for about $3,300. All three series will be available online at They will also be sold at Sony Style® stores and select retailers around the country starting this fall.

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Con Seannery: SAVE PONIES!

I just don't see the appeal of an all-in-one.