Sony Won't Allow Profanity, Sex at Your Own Home's Home

While our brothers-in-arms at Kotaku seem to only care about gardens, neighbourhoods and doing "cute little waves" with their Sixaxis in Sony's upcoming PlayStation Home, here in Gizmodo we only care about one: sex the naughty bits. Apparently, Sony has decided to actively monitor public spaces for profanity and "inappropriate behaviour". And while they won't be policing private areas, they are going to enforce those "inappropriate behaviour" rules there too, following any complaints they may receive from users.


For sure, they want to protect kids and avoid the usual suspects, but wouldn't you like to be able to do and say whatever you want at your own Home's home? And what I really want to know: would people be able to show their privates in private spaces? What about some other kind of «cute Sixaxis waving»? Your answers, after the jump.



For clarification, here's part of the original Q&A that Threespeech had with Sony:

How much freedom will people have in their private spaces?

"Our policy is not to actively police private areas, and a user cannot be invited to another user's private space until they have accepted an invitation to be on their buddy list. However, the complaints process will still operate in these private spaces, so if people feel that they have been subjected to inappropriate behaviour while in someone's private space, they will be able to lodge a complaint by the usual process."

What means of moderation will be in place for abusive language?

"We will have a basic text profanity filter, though, as noted above, text and voice will be turned off for users not of age."


You can read it the rest following the link.

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