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Sony's Got an Honest-to-Goodness Vaio Netbook

Illustration for article titled Sonys Got an Honest-to-Goodness Vaio Netbook

Well, you wouldn't take a real notebook into a kitchen would you? This Vaio W must obviously be a netbook. [Sony via Engadget Japan]


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Unless you can hackintosh it, it's just not worth it. Mini 9 for life!

Well, at least for the next few years... I'm still too scared to try to upgrade mine past 10.5.6....

But you guys should really consider going to Japan to check out the electronics and study the economy. I saw the guys going batty over the Vaio P. They actually had 1.86 GHz versions available at launch, whereas in America I think the highest you can get is only 1.6 by now.

But if anything's a sure thing, it's that Apple is going to cover a whole lot more ground in Japan and take over soon enough. It's the best time to invest stock or something now that the iPod's penetrated so well... and people are catching on to the Mac line now. The iPhone's the only product they have that's suffering from lower-than-expected sales. I figure that one of the critical features missing from that is a hole for a keitai (cell phone) strap.

Seriously guys, check out Japan's economy! It's hella fun to learn about the treneds, and I know there are some guys/girls on this site who want something to read about/make money on.