Soon You'll Be Able to Add GIFs to Venmo Payments

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The most annoying (or fun) part about sending moolah on Venmo is having to enter in a description. Sure, you can get fun suggestions in the form of emojis but Venmo announced today that soon you’ll also be able to send gifs.

It’s not quite the same as searching for specific gifs on say, GIPHY. (I, too, had briefly dreamed of sending clips from Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” video for bills). It’s more like those animated stickers you see in chat apps, like WhatsApp, LINE, or Facebook Messenger. Venmo is collaborating with Holler to create a custom set of gifs. Just like with emojis, you’ll see suggestions pop up based on the keywords you type in your payment notes. Here’s a look at some of the ones we already know are on deck.


As you can clearly see, some of the stickers will also feature branded partnerships. For starters, the “split the bill” sticker has Subway’s Veggie Delight sandwich. Then there are two amorphous chums gleefully participating in capitalism at IKEA. You can catch a glimpse of more gifs and how the new feature will work in Venmo’s video below. Holler’s separate blog announcing the partnership also reveals a trio of exercising donuts, a dude chillaxing on an airplane, and a shifty-eyed lady plopping down a wad of cash.

The gifs will be available on both iOS and Android versions of the app. Venmo told Gizmodo that rollout will start in the coming week and that full rollout should be finished by the end of this month.


Meanwhile, if you don’t see a gif that fits your specific need, Holler notes that it will be continually updating its library and that you can pitch ideas or submit sketches to

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Yes I drive a 240... Sort of

I think i’ll just stick with my ‘fire’ emojis. Works for food, beer, drugs, rent, hookers you name it. Also, don’t forget to set your account to private, so the only people that can see your transfers are you or the person you interact with.