SOPA's Back From the Dead and This Time It's a Virus

If you thought SOPA was dead, well, you'd be mostly right. Its bloated corpse, however, has been resurrected by hacker puppeteers for the valiant purpose of scamming people out of their cash.

The new virus is a pretty standard piece of ransomware that claims to have locked down your computer and offers to unlock it for the nominal fee of $200, but this one waves around the SOPA name for a little extra scare. Anyone who remembers the name, but not that the bill never went through, might be a little concerned at the accusations of piracy. That said, it doesn't take a genius to realize that the U.S. government probably wouldn't be collecting fines in the form of euros via Western Union, like ever.


Fortunately this SOPA doesn't threaten to destroy the Internet as we know it but rather just your private stash of files, illegal and otherwise and it's an empty threat at that. If you know how to Google things the solution won't cost you a cent. It's just a shame all legislation can't be manually removed. [TorrentFreak via Geekosystem]

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