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Here's a great way to go out in style, with Soul Ash Solace by Maximal Design, a combination cremation coffin and urn that will make you the envy of all of your morgue mates. The body is placed in this coffin made of eco-friendly corrugated board, papier-m ch and wood, and on top of the coffin is a stainless steel memory capsule which the product designers call an urn. (By the way, the picture above is slightly confusing—the top of the coffin looks like ashes, but it's not.)

Coffin and urn are placed in the crematorium, and after it's reduced to ashes, all that's left is this hourglass-shaped capsule that can be kept as a souvenir. It's shaped like an hourglass because time does heal all non-fatal wounds.


Soul Ash Solace (Belgium) [Maximal Design]