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SpaceX might have captured the news cycle this weekend by successfully landing its rocket on a barge, but they also successfully completed their primary mission: berthing the Dragon Capsule to the ISS, which they did at 9:57am this morning over Algeria.

The Dragon capsule is loaded down with new supplies for the crew aboard the station, as well as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), a new vegetable garden, (which will allow them to grow cabbage), as well as a bunch of medical experiments.


While SpaceX’s successes on Friday are certainly excellent steps forward, the resupply missions are equally as important, given that last time, the CRS-7 mission exploded. Reliably getting the gear and supplies to the station is a milestone in and of itself.

[International Space Station]

Andrew Liptak is the former Weekend editor of io9/Gizmodo. He is the co-editor of War Stories: New Military Science Fiction and hails from Vermont.

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