Speakers Disguised as Art Are Completely Pointless if the Art Sucks

Illustration for article titled Speakers Disguised as Art Are Completely Pointless if the Art Sucks

The idea of having home theater speakers masked as art prints is certainly enticing. But when there are only 20 designs to choose from, and they all look PRETTY TERRIBLE, that intrigue quickly evaporates.


That said, if you have your heart set on having noise blaring from the tropical sunset displayed on your wall, here's what you need to know: Monitor Audio's squat SF1 and the elongated SF2 are both 100w, 3-way speakers speakers that have a frequency response of 55Hz-35KHZ. The wall-mountable version pokes out 3.5-inches, while the in-wall model only shows off 0.75-inches of it's backside. In terms of form, the SF1 was designed to be more of the main L/R speaker, while the SF2 was intended to be a center speaker. However, you can use them interchangeably.

Currently available in the UK, each speaker will set you back at least £500. If you want your own designs printed on the speaker grilles, that's an option for an additional £150, though I envision that concept turning out to be an utter disaster. [Monitor Audio via Pocket Lint]

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I like it a lot. I especially like how the frame size matches the bezel to give it all a very cohesive feel.

I'm sure not paying that kind of scratch for it at this point in my life though.