Specs and Pictures of Panasonic's Newest Cameras Leak

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Ooh hello! Photo Rumors has come across what appear to be the specs of Panasonic's six newest cameras along with their pictures. And they're as lovely as can be.


The line up includes the Lumix FP1, FP3, F3, FH3, and FH20—a bunch of ugly names for some pretty decent cameras—several of which boast that they're ultra-compact and include an "advanced Venus Engine IV image processor." Check Photo Rumors for more on the specs and check back here for more once we check these babies out at CES. [Photo Rumors]

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That's nice. Depending on price, I might get one of these when I change my current point-n-shoot.

I'm a big fan of the Lumix series. For midrange point-n-shoots, they're quite workable, and my 10mp one has taken quite a beating. The HD recording is nice. I just wish these allow you to zoom while you record.

Took one skiing last year, and it worked like a charm, despite being on my pocket throughout my (mis)adventures trying a snowboard.

The OIS is rather nice, too.

One of these days I'll get a DSLR and finally put the 35mm my dad inherited to me to rest... as soon as I can get over the feeling of shooting with film.