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Speedflying Down a Mountain a Few Feet Off the Ground Might Be the Craziest Sport

Jumping out of an airplane with a parachute on your back has its own risks. But at least in the air there’s nothing to crash into until you hit the ground. Speedflying, on the other hand, where athletes like Jamie Lee parachute down mountains just inches above massive rocks, is basically a non-stop life-risking thrill ride.


It makes for some great GoPro footage, but we’d happier taking a nice, safe mountain hike instead.


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How do you turn off the exceedingly bloated and performance hogging “animated” article images? ANd how do you make the site readable on a regular screen? Everythings zoomed in to max so you cant see but half of a picture and not even 1 headline at a time on a regular workstation. Not everyone users a mobile device. You should fix your site so it has a mobile optimized and a regular site like regular people.