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Spider-Man's Giant Robot Just Became Official Marvel Comics Canon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you've been reading Dan Slott's Spider-Verse saga over at Marvel Comics, you know this "Crisis on Infinite Spider-Men" has combined pretty much taken every iteration of ol' Web-head and joined them into one epic adventure. But one specific introduction has just blown my mind.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #12, a group of Spider-heroes have collected a variety of their counterparts from a variety of Japans, including the Marvel Mangaverse Spidey as well as Yu Komori, the protagonist of the 1970s' Spider-Man manga. But there is a third — Takuya Yamashiro, star of the Japanese live-action Spider-Man TV show from the '70s, better known as Supaidman. And he brought a friend.


Yes, Supaidaman's giant robot Leopardon just set foot in the official, 616 universe to join forces against Solus, a villain determined to take out every Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in every reality. I won't say how it goes, but I will say this — writer Dan Slott and artist Olivier Coipel are doing the Lord's work over there.


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