Spinning Disc CD Player Cuts Like a Saw

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If you're still not quite enamored with online music stores like iTunes and prefer to get your music in hard copy format, here's a ridiculous CD player design. Called The Spinning Disc, this player simulates an electric table saw with your CD, which means you're getting a visual as well as an audio show. Kinda.


They come with two other wooden walnut speakers, and have only three buttons for playback control. Just a design for now, these would have to overcome some design constraints before actually being produced. Constraints such as the CD snapping into thousands of pieces if you accidentally bump into it.

Spinning Disc [Idealist]



well, B&O made a player 8 years ago where the disc was in open air at the front and back


there was also a sony disman that was meant for 3" discs but could play regular cd's if you moved the spindle