Spinning LED Clock Simulates LSD...Clock

Maybe our headline is a bit of an exaggeration, but the handmade Spinning LED Clock uses a mere 33 lights spinning at 30 revolutions a second to simulate—dramatic pause—8000 individual lights.


We like the idea because it's far cheaper than producing a clock with 8,000 LEDs, while the design still remains flexible. Because the image is produced solely by light patterns, the unit has multiple modes of display: digital, analog, pendulum and even text messages up to 240 characters in length (may we suggest, "Check it out! My freakin' clock can talk!). And for $100, that's not such a bad deal if the motor really is ultra quiet.

Product Page [via newlaunches]


I like it, although blue LEDs would have been better! Actually, 3-color LEDs would be even better than that.

Really it's a general-purpose r/theta display, so it could be used for other things too.